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Export and Share Recorded Routes

Export Routes to KML with CorvusGPS.com

Export Routes to KML with CorvusGPS.com

Exporting Routes – Send, Display, Share, Analyze or Print

At CorvusGPS, you can export any of the routes to kml file. After you exported the route you can easily Send, Display, Share, Analyze, Print or Embed it to your blog or website using Google Drive and Google Maps.

You can record routes with any of the supported GPS trackers or with EverTrack smartphone app.

Embedded Map example:

Embedded Map by CorvusGPS

Shared Map example:


How to Export, Share and Embed

Exporting, sharing and embedding the route is really easy, just follow the steps below:

Export a KML file

1. Sign In your CorvusGPS account
2. Enter to Map
3. Click to the Export button at the left side of the map
4. Select the Device / User, the file format (KML) and the time interval and press Export

Share it

5. Sign in your Google account and visit Google Maps
6. Click to the menu button at Google Maps and select My Maps menu point
7. Click to Import and Select the kml file you exported from CorvusGPS
8. Click to the Share option and select that the share is “On” and publicly available in the internet
9. Send the link to anybody in email or post it onFacebook, etc…

Embed it

10. Click to the menu icon at the right side of the share option
11. Select the “Embed to my site” option
12. Copy the code from the popup
13. Go to your website or blog, switch to “text view” (eg. in WordPress), paste the code and save it

Usage examples

Verified Leaflet Delivery
The most common problem with Leaflets that many of the papers are landing in the trash because the delivery worker wants to save time so that’s the best way to finish the work in time. The customers also know this fact and they don’t want to pay for a work which has not been done. With a GPS tracking system Leaflet Delivery companies can ensure their customers that the leaflets or flyers are delivered and they did it in time because the time also can be an important factor (sales, limited time offers, etc…).  With CorvusGPS, the Leaflet Delivery companies are able to record the route of the papers with using a SmartPhone (EverTrack app) and prove the successful delivery by exporting and sharing or sending the route to their customers.

Trip recording for Travel Agencies
People are going on a holiday and rent a motorhome for a few days or a week to make a trip. After they finished the trip the travel agency can export their route and share with them as a gift. I think it can be an interesting thing for the customers and a good opportunity for the travel agency to place ads on the screen. When the customers will share the route with their friends or post it on Facebook, many people will see the advertisement of the travel agency and they can find new customers much easier because everybody trusts their friends 🙂

Verified Pet Sitting
Many people pay for a pet sitter because they don’t have time for a walk during the day or when they are on holiday, but how they know that the pet sitters are really going to walk the dog? Exporting the route and sending an email they can prove that they really did the work.

Do you have some other idea?
What do you think, how you can use our Route Export feature?


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  1. Thomas

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    I’m looking for a way to embed a Track in a Web page. However, not on the PC, but on the move with a smartphone. I want to document a trip. Is this possible?

    Is there a map for embedding in a web page, which may represent the last days as a track?


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