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New GPS Tracking Software Features – Special Events

Special Fleet Management Events

Special Fleet Management Events

Improved GPS Tracking Software – Event Filters

We are happy to announce that today our tracking software was improved with the following features:

– Push-pins for special events (Check In, Low Battery, SOS)
Event filter to display only the selected events on the map

From today you can filter your events so as an example if you are searching for the “Check In” messages you can easily display on the map and also at the “Event list”.

How it can be improve your business?

If your employees are using EverTrack mobile GPS Tracker app you can follow them on the map in real time. This is a basic feature, but what if you like to check the visited places at the end of the day / week / month at an easy way? In this case you will see a lot of coordinates crossing each other which is not problem if you check only a day but if you want to check a week or a whole month than it not possibile because you will have too much point to display.

With the Event filter you can select the event you are interested in. Let’s se an example.

EverTrack GPS Tracker app – Report an Event

Your employees select the “Report an Event” option in EverTrack and send a “Check In” message each time when they arrived to the visited place:

EverTrack GPS Tracker, Improved Tracking Software

Check reports in the GPS Tracking Software

After that at the end of the month you don’t have to much things to do just setup the last month time interval, open the advanced menu and select the “Check In” message type.


You can hide the routes (lines between the points) if it’s confusing you, but sometimes when you don’t have to much point it can be practical because you can see the order of the points.

After you selected the “Check In” event you only need to press the “Update” button and you will see the result.

GPS Tracking Software Check In Messages

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Improved Event List

We also modified the event list in the GPS Tracking Software a little bit, now moch more easier to find a special event in the GPS Tracking Software’s event list thanks to the line colouring. Critical events highlighted with red, important events with yellow.

GPS Tracking Software SOS, Check In, Low battery

We hope that you find these features helpful. If you have any idea about how we can improve our GPS Tracking Software do not hesitate to comment this post or get in contact with us.

Read more about EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app here:

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  1. Emon Anam

    I impressed with your activity, Its really needed to me. I have some confusion, can I use it Android operating system? Please mention your price.

    • admin@corvusgps.com

      Hello Emon! Momentarily using of the system is Free, later we will start our Premium plans which will cost $6/month/ device. Yes, you can use Android mobiles.

  2. ivano

    when ever track for iOS iPhone can’t wait on corvus map can’t not visualized battery report or shake report is possible in ever track??thx

  3. Gábor

    Van arra lehetőség, hogy a telefon ne mutassa, hogy fut az app?
    Beállítható, hogy ne jelenjen meg a telefonon az app jele?

    • Comment by post author

      Zoltan Sardi

      Szia Gábor!

      A személyiségi jogokra való tekintettel ezt a funkciót 1 éve kivettük az alkalmazásból, nem szeretnénk, ha olyan célra használnák az alkalmazást a felhasználóink, amit a törvény nem enged meg, tovább a Google se preferálja az ilyen opciókat, előszeretettel távolít el ilyen alkalmazásokat a Store-ból.

  4. HAC Inc

    I know through the events tab I’m able to send messages. How can you receive messages through the tracker app???? Anyone?

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