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Driveway Software, Inc.: Conquer Mobile Telematics


Mobile Telematics by Driveway

Driveway Software, Inc. has sealed a $10million funding round led by Elvington Investment, The investment company is represented by the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The fund will cement Driveway’s position in the industry, create new markets and develop the company by attracting the best minds.

According to Igor Katsman the founder of Driveway; since its inception five years ago, Drivewise.ly, its smartphone app has collected over 500,000,000 miles and rewarded more than 250,000 drivers. Driveway has also collaborated with companies such as Pinnacle Actuarial Resources and Amwins to ensure that roads are safe and the customer gets good value for their money in relation to fuel and auto-insurance.

The new funding by Elvington Investment is a proof of the widespread and prevalent nature of mobile telematics in our everyday lives. Barriers that formerly existed have been removed by state-of-the-art technology. Customers are getting more and more engaged and this has led to more productivity.

We hope that Mobile Telematics will grow fast and we many new apps will available in that field.

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