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Setup Guides – How to protect EverTrack from being killed by the system?

Why apps stop running in background?

In the last few Android versions (Android 6 and later) manufacturers have introduced different battery optimisation methods to increase battery life, but these solutions can cause app stability issues.

After installing EverTrack app you have to setup battery optimisation otherwise your phone can kill the app in the background to extend battery life!!!

The Help Guides – How to setup?

We have created help guides for the most popular manufacturers to help you setting up your phone. Select the manufacturer of your phone and Android version for more detailed info:

Android 5-6
Android 7-8
Android 9

EMUI 8 / Android 8
EMUI 9 / Android 9

MIUI 10 / Android 9

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  1. Stephanie Fernandez

    Please i need help finding my truck

    • CorvusGPS Team

      Hello Stephanie,

      Did you have any GPS Tracker or phone with our app installed on it in the truck?


    • Uzman

      Mau akti pin gps type tk200

      • CorvusGPS Team

        Hello Uzman,

        You have to disable the PIN first on another phone of the SIM card before putting it into your device.
        Then you can configure it to send reports to our servers according to the manual you got with the device.
        You can find the IP address and port number here:


  2. Agyeman Owusu Brempong

    How can I track someone by his mobile number without him knowing

    • CorvusGPS Team

      First of all, you can’t track people with only their phone number – also we don’t support spying on people, it is illegal in most countries.

  3. Amos

    Hi, I bought Mini gps tracker TK 202. how do I link it with the app so that I can be able to track my vehicle?

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