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Samsung Android 7 and 8 – Run in Background setup guide

1. After installing EverTrack app you have to setup battery optimisation otherwise your phone can kill the app in the background to extend battery life!!!

#1.0 – Go to “App info” and select EverTrack app

  1. Usually you can find the “App info” under Settings/Apps/EverTrack
  2. Likewise, hold the app icon and pick “Info text” from the menu
  3. In addition, by holding EverTrack’s icon and select the “App info” option in the popup
An example of how to open the “App info”.

#1.1 – Go to “Battery” on “App info”

#1.2 – Then go to “Optimise battery usage”

#1.3 – Tap the dropdown and change “Apps not optimized” to “All apps”

#1.4 – Find EverTrack app on the list and Disable battery optimisation

2. Sadly there is another list you need to add EverTrack app on Samsung Android 7 and 8 mobiles to make sure it will be protected against system optimisations. This option called “Unmonitored apps“. Let’s see how to add!

#2.1 – Open “Settings”

#2.2 – Select “Device maintenance”

#2.3 – Go to”Unmonitored apps”

#2.4 – Select “Add apps”

#2.5 – Choose “EverTrack” and press “Done”

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