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EverTrack – A Mobile GPS Tracker

EverTrack GPS Tracker app

EverTrack GPS Tracker app

EverTrack is available on Play Store

We are happy to announce that EverTrack Mobile GPS tracker application is available at Google Play for Free of charge.

Protect your family, track your employees, company fleet and reduce your expenses without having to buy a GPS tracker.

With EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app you can use any Android Smartphone as a real time GPS tracking device. Just install the application and start following your child, family members, company fleet, employees or anything else you want. EverTrack app is the easiest and cheapest way to keep an eye on them.

You can find additional details about the app here!

Our Mobile GPS Tracker app is smart and flexible. It has 3 configurable reporting modes and to switch manually or automatically between them. The application detects low battery charge or a connected charger and switches to a pre-set mode. Thanks to the intelligent mode switching feature the application is ideal for both personal or business use. EverTrack sends data as frequently as you need. The accuracy of the position also depends on your needs. It’s saves energy with mode switching so able to work in 24/7.

Try our mobile tracking apps for Android and iOS now!

For example: Just sit into your vehicle, plug the charger in and EverTrack will switch to Accurate mode for the best accuracy. Similarly, just remove the charger and EverTrack will switch back to Normal mode to save energy and still ensure the continuous tracking.

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  1. Pesablog

    How do I retrieve the IMEI for the tracker without dismantling it from the vehicle? Is there a way of sending an sms and get the reply with the IMEI for the device?

  2. dean

    Hi. I have resisted but did not get an email sent to me.

    • admin@corvusgps.com

      hi Dean, please check your SPAM folder if you don’t fint the email anywhare. Our system is works well with gmail mailboxes. Regrards, Zoltan

  3. Madhavan

    Nice technology!!! It has seen a great advancement during these past few years, especially this GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Chennai is more accessible today.

  4. Eric Vasquez

    how do i get Evertrack to trace my movements on my Samsung S5?
    How do i read the notations from events that i send?

    • Comment by post author

      Zoltan Sardi

      Hello Eric! Register a free account, install EverTrack to your phone and turn on the reporting. After that, you can check location from EverTrack’s Map module or PC. You can read the messages only from PC.

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