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Everything About Tire Pressure

It is not only optional, but essential to have properly inflated tires. The pressure have to be perfect – not too low, not too high. In this case, your vehicles have got better gas mileage, the tires last longer. Everything gets smooth and safer. And you are also reducing the risk of a serious car accident.

You probably hear a lot about the dangers of under-inflated tires, but let us mention the other side too. If you inflate the tires to the max PSI – Pounds per Square Inch, which is the common unit of pressure – can be almost as bad. The handling characteristics will change, the sidewall will not get proper pressure, so you can easily slide out with a quick turn. Extremes also decreases the life of the tires and cost you a lot. No matter if it is flat or inflated too much. As I mentioned the sidewall, it will not be used that much, so the center will wear out sooner. And it can easily end in a blow-out.

You always need to pay attention to the recommended tire pressure.

Changes in tire pressure

Usually, the main cause is the temperature. We probably all know the basics of physics and that the air inside the tires will expand or contract when there is a fluctuation in temperature. Especially between daytime and nighttime. There is autumn for example, it can be nice and sunny during the day and freezing in the evening. It can even light up the vehicle’s dashboard, saying the tires are leaking. Or when you drive at a higher speed and the air has got time to warm up.

Signs of poorly inflated tires

Have a look at your tires. You may find cracks in them. It can be one tire, two tires, or all of them. It probably means that they are under-inflated, the pressure is too low, so it wears down faster, than the proper ones.

Under-inflated tires may cause your vehicle vibrate, or shake as well. This can be because the pressure is not evenly distributed between the tires. You will feel your vehicle be acting less smooth than it should be. It is harder to handle a car with under-inflated tires. Not to mention the brakes which may take longer to work. And we all know, that on the roads, every second or moment matters, especially when there is something wrong.

Check tire pressure regularly

Tires can lose pressure without you even noticing it. Nobody wants to end up at the side of the road with totally flat tires, or end up in an accident, right? Better safe, than sorry. You should check tire pressure a couple times a month, but at least once in every thirty days. Look for the owner’s manual where you can find the PSI rating, if it is not in the document, you may find it at the driver’s door somewhere. PSI rating can vary by the type of vehicles, so do not just inflate the tires out of instinct, or based on another of your vehicles if it is not the same model.

Check tire pressure out of turn, when it is cold, or there is a larger change in temperature!

Tire pressure monitoring systems

Alias TPMS, is a sensor, that will warn you when one or more tires of your vehicle are underinflated. This device reads the actual tire pressure from inside the tire and provides information to the driver. You do not need to worry about the batteries neither. They are designed to last for years, and you can put sensors in the vehicle’s spare tire too. Unfortunately, when the batteries are done, you have to change the whole sensor.

Bluetooth connection with EverTrack

Let us talk about future opportunities. In the past couple of years, different Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have appeared on the market. Continuous development is important to us and we are always looking for ways to keep pace with the tech change. We are considering the possibilities for our EverTrack application to support Bluetooth sensors in the future. This connection would let dispatchers and fleet managers to monitor even the tire pressure from the office, beside every other information that our GPS tracking system offers.

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