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Fleet Management with Mobile Phones

fleet management with evertrack gps tracker app

Fleet Management Solutions with Mobile App

Fleet Management with Mobile Phones

When we speak about fleet management everybody think about traditional GPS trackers, but these days there are more and more smartphone application for real-time tracking, expense optimalization or effectivity enhancement. Sometimes these apps have much more functionality than the tradition GPS trackers.

Easy, Flexible and Cost Effective

After the installation of EverTrack fleet management application, the position of the current vehicle immediately displayed on the map. The app continuously sends real-time position data (if necessary in each 10 seconds) to the server where the online tracking software automatically refreshes the vehicle’s location on the map. In the tracking system you can see the actual position of the vehicle or it’s taken routes from the past. If you create a group you can check the real-time position of the group members at the same time on the same map.

Real-Time locations reports with mobile app
Real-Time locations reports with mobile app

More than a GPS tracker

EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker is more than a traditional GPS tracker. With the help of EverTrack the driver can send an SOS message when he is in danger and this message will be instantly displayed on the map for the dispatchers. When the driver arrives to his destination or an important place he can send a “Check In” message which will also marked with a special icon on the map. With sending “Check In” messages the dispatcher can easily check at the end of the day / week / month that which places visited by the drivers in the actual time period and how many time they spent on it.

GPS Tracking Software SOS, Check In, Low battery
Special Events Reports for dispacth center

More powerful features

The first special feature implemented to EverTrack app is the “Check In” message, but we won’t stop here, we will integrate more power features soon to create the best fleet management application. With the integrated features EverTrack will be much more than a simple GPS tracker, it will be a powerful fleet management tool.

Few feature we would like to integrate soon:
– Real-time messaging between driver and dispatcher
– Job dispatch feature
– QR code scanner for package deliveries
– Fuel-up message (value and quantity note)
– Driver state indicator (busy, idle, lunch time)
– Work Started / Finished (elapsed time between start and stop)
– Custom event report (report a special event that matters for you)
– Mileage counter
– Private / Business tracks



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