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Food Delivery | How to Improve Efficiency?

Food Delivery Tracking Services with CorvusGPS

Food Delivery Tracking Services with CorvusGPS

Food delivery and Mobile GPS Tracker app

The key for improving efficiency is management. Every company need to create a workflow fit to the company’s activity and business model. Let me to show how food deliveries can save time, reduce their expenses and power up their business with using a simple smartphone.

The cost of disorganisation…

Most food delivery services doesn’t take control of their workforces in the field, they don’t know exactly where their drivers are, how many orders they deliver a day and when will the drivers arrive back to the restaurant for new orders. All of these things leads to companies continuously loosing time and money, but that’s only one point, the another one is (and the most important), they loose loyalty of their customers when the orders aren’t delivered in time…

A smartphone and nothing more…

Managing the drivers is quite easy, in fact you don’t need any special device – only a smartphone for each driver. Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? I think all of your drivers already has one, so to create a management system there is no need invest a single coin.

GPS Tracking Software Check In Messages

Daily “Check In” message report

The power of Mobile GPS trackers

EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app is a powerful solution for food delivery services because no need to pay a fortune on a device or to have special skills, easy to start, works in cars and also with motorbikes. EverTrack app offers a flexible solution for companies in any size. Growing companies can easily raise the number of tracked drivers, a new colleagues can start using the app in 5 minutes.

Read more about EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker app here:

Manage your Fleet with Mobile GPS Tracker

 EverTrack GPS Tracker app

Features of the GPS Tracking Service

CorvusGPS.com’s GPS Tracking Service have many advantages compared to other services.

– Easy to start and easy to use
– Wide range of usability and extendable as you grow
– Intelligent power management (the app does not drain your driver’s battery)  
– Real-Time location map
– Group Map (track drivers at the same time on the same map)
– Order Status check (Send a “Check In” message when the order was delivered)
– You can check daily routes and create Daily / Weekly or Monthly reports…
– And more… (More feature coming soon. Check it below!)

power up your Food Delivey business

Features from the GPS Tracking Software

Another reason to Create a Free account…

We hope that you already have a Free account and you are satisfied with our services – but If there is something that you still need – do not hesitate to create an account because maybe our next new feature is exactly what you need

You don’t have an account yet?
Visit CorvusGPS.com and start your free trial.

Visit CorvusGPS.com

Some features from our wait list for Food Delivery services:

– Point of Interest (Place points on the map you are interested in)
– New events (also unique events you can configure)
– Unique notes to events
– Drivers actual state (Work In Progress, Idle, On holiday, etc…)
– Address Search
– Route Planner
– Printable reports

Do you need something else? Get in contact with us and we will see what we can do about it! 🙂

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  1. Andy Wilson

    Hi Zoltan.

    Hope all fine with you.

    Firstly thanks for incorporating our TracerX2 device protocol into your service. (Sorry for the delay in responding!).
    I saw the improvements your team had made to the EverTrack App allowing users to post their status, (working, resting, coffee break, etc). I will get back in touch with “GreenGears” bike taxi firm in Tallinn to let them know of the upgrades. There season will be starting again soon and I know they are looking for technological improvements to provide better service to their customers but also improve business efficiency.
    To be honest, I think your focus on smartphones in this business is the way forward for many of the applications in this tracking/telematics industry so I wish you well with that.
    I like this “bluetooth sensor to Smartphone” concept you are developing. I think I might like to try at some point using the temperature sensor you have sourced. In the UK, (where they are obsessed with the weather!), many people have sophisticated home weather stations. Maybe their is also application here to upload position tagged sensor data to your site especially if many were to do so and all data was available to all.

    • Comment by post author

      Zoltan Sardi

      Hello Andy!

      Thanks for your comment, I also hope that you are fine.

      Yes, EverTrack app has new features like selectable Availability State and Automatic Driving Detection. I hope we can add the Temperature Monitoring soon 🙂

      I sent you a private message, we can continue the discussion in email!


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