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Case-Studies Part 1 – GPS Verified Leaflet Delivery


GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery Services

Is GPS Tracked Leaflet useful for Delivery Companies and their clients?

EverTrack GPS Tracker is developed for Fleet tracking, but we often thinking about other problems we can solve with it. In this Case-Study, I try to find the answer for the question if GPS Tracked Leaflet useful for Delivery Companies and their clients?

The Problem with Leaflet Delivery

Customers always worry about if their leaflets being delivered and they don’t trust the delivery people because they know that many of the leaflets are never delivered, just thrown into the trash.

The Solution

The delivery companies are able to show the customers that all of their leaflets has been delivered through the right door. Using Smartphones this is quite easy, the employees just need to turn on the app and deliver the flyers, the app will record their move and upload it to our server. After the flyers were delivered – the manager of the account will able to export their routes to a KML file, display with Google Earth and send the recorder root in email or print it to paper. With saving this data, they can show the customer and prove the prompt completion.


GPS Verified Leaflet Delivery Route

Service Providers

After a short Google search, I found some leaflet delivery companies already using GPS trackers to verify their distribution, but all of these solutions are different and created by the delivery companies not provided by a third party developer. I didn’t find any service provider who focuses to delivery companies and offer a high-quality solution developed directly for these companies.


The solution is easy, EverTrack GPS Tracker app and the KML export feature is already available at CorvusGPS.com, so if you have a Leaflet Delivery company and you plan to offer GPS tracked delivery services do not hesitate to try it.

The questions

Is a service like this helps for delivery companies?

  • Yes, I think it’s improving trust.

What other features can be useful for these companies?

  • Mark Special Points on the map
  • Sending SOS message
  • Sending location report with unique notes
  • Any other idea?

And what do you think about it?

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