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Teltonika GH Series GPS Trackers Are Now Supported


Teltonika GH1202, GH3000, GH4000 GPS trackers

We are happy to announce that from today Teltonika GH series GPS Trackers are supported by’s Tracking Software, therefore you can start adding them and testing if they meet your requirements.

Since the company has a history of making good and reliable GPS trackers, we were glad to add their new line to the list of the devices we support. We hope you will find them useful too and they will serve you for years to come.

New supported GPS trackers:

Teltonika GH1201, GH1202,  GH3000, GH4000

Already supported Vehicle Trackers:

Teltonika FM1100, FM2100, FM2200, FM3101,FM4100, FM4200, FM5300

If you have any other models not on the list above, please configure it to our server and let us know if it works.

How can you configure my Teltonika GPS tracker you ask?


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