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The New EverTrack App – Have an idea? Share with us!

Do you have an Idea?

Do you have an Idea?

EverTrack Mobile GPS Tracker will get new features soon. Now we need your help to make a better application. We are waiting for your ideas and comments… Your opinion is important to us. Thanks for all your help!


CorvusGPS Team is pleased to announce that the beta version of EverTrack GPS Tracker is available at Google Play store since the middle of summer. We already have more than 5000 installs and the application have really good feedbacks and 4.3 star review.

Over the last several months we’ve worked very hard on improving stability and reliability of the server, mapping software and the user interface but now we like to work on EverTrack again and create more features and the final design of the application.



EverTrack’s beta version will the engine of the final version of CorvusGPS.com’s GPS Tracker application and now we create a smooth and well-designed user interface with useful features. Let’s see our ideas and the whole conception.

Main Screen

The main screen contains the most used features like SOS, Event Report, Mode Switch, QR code scanner, Driven vehicle selector and more… Some of these features will available only in the future, but we like to create an interface where we can integrate these features anytime with ease.



The think that the Console feature is also important for many of our users, so we keep it and write a little bit more information about the trackers location, reporting mode, active modes and other parameters.


The Messages feature will only come later, we will create it only in the next version of EverTrack, but we like to keep the possibility of the integration of a Messaging interface. It will really useful for companies who like to follow and manage their vehicles and employees in real time.


The mapping application is under development we started to work on it a few days ago and when it’s finished we will also integrate it to EverTrack so if you have an EverTrack installed to your mobile or tablet you don’t need to download another application to follow your devices. The mapping app lets you follow your device or group in real time with displaying the last known position. It can also refresh the position manually or automatically. Later we will also integrate the “History Map” feature to check earlier positions from your tablet or cell phone.


More features

The new EverTrack will allow the users to register a CorvusGPS account from the application and it will automatically add the phone to the system so in the new version you don’t need to visit corvusgps.com to register an account and don’t need to add the device manually. This way will much easier and user-friendly than the old version.

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  1. Krzysztof Pala

    I would like to start new taxi company in Gdańsk,I need an app for my customers and drivers.

  2. Michael Robert Johnson

    would be very cool to have an integrated push to talk feature

  3. anne

    I would like notifications to also be sent to a specified email account or mobile phone rather than only showing on the map when it is open.

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