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Tracking Location by Mobile Number

mobile number tracking

Mobile Number Tracking

Mobile Number Location Tracking

Lot of our customers ask us to track the location of a mobile phone by number that’s inspired me to write this blog article about mobile phone number tracking.

Is it possibile to track a phone number?

The answer for this question is YES, but for the full answer we need to speak about how is it working.

How phone number tracking works?

Each mobile phone have an unique ID number (IMEI, MEID, etc) and phones are always connected to the nearest cell tower so the service provider can determinate the location of the phone by checking these connections. The service provider enter the number of the mobile phone what they want to locate and they check the unique ID of the cellphone, after that they can check that which tower registered this ID last. The accuracy of this position info is depends on the consistency of cell towers but usually it’s about 0.5-2 km.


1) Phone sends signal to nearby base stations
2) Positioning software performs a triangulation calculation on the information from the base stations
3) The data is converted into a geographical location

Is this service available for personal use?

Absolutely not! If you have a company with a mobile phone fleet you can sign a contract with your service provider for monthly fee to determinate the location of the mobile phones owned by your company but locating other people’s phone is not possible because of human rights. To law enforcement requests the service providers are share this information with the authorized office.

Then how can I locate a mobile phone?

Smartphones are able to locate itself by cell tower so with installing a special app it can upload this info to any server after the phones owner give a permission for the app to access this data. Our application can send wireless location (location by cell tower or WiFi network) or GPS location to CorvusGPS.com and after a quick registration you can check the location of any Android smartphone on the map.

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