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GLONASS – What is it in Mobiles?

What is Glonass Receiver in Mobiles?

Glonass Satellite Arround the Earth

At CorvusGPS we want to help you to get more information about GPS tracking and new technologies. So let’s see what is GLONASS and why is it useful in a mobile phone…

In a few words GLONASS is the Russian version of GPS.

History of GLONASS

GPS (Global Positioning System) was developed by the USA and the first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched February 22, 1978. GLONASS was developed by Russia and the first satellite was launched about 5 years later in 1982.


GPS has a network of 31 satellites covering the earth, GLONASS only have 24.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There isn’t any considerable disadvantage or advantage of GLONASS. The accuracy of GLONASS is about 4.46—7.38 meters (GPS has about 2.00—8.76 m) what is a little bit worse than the GPS’s avarage if the receiver is on a higher latitude it can be a bit more accurate than the GPS system as it has satellites positioned to focus on that region. GLONASS’s overall coverage is not as strong. Usually GPS and GLONASS are not separated in the new GLONASS enabled mobile phones, so both of the solutions are integrated to a single chip. Thanks to this solution your phone can get location info from 55 satellites which increase accuracy and coverage also.

Battery Usage

By using the old chip’s GPS + GLONASS can drain you battery twice faster but that’s to the engineers, today it’s not critical. The chip has intelligent solutions to turn on and off the GPS and GLONASS receivers when not necessary to use, so it will not drain your battery faster than simple GPS.

First and last GLONASS is a powerful feature in new mobiles which increases accuracy and helps the phones to locate itself faster in weekly covered places also. GLONASS receiver in your phone also helps our Mobile GPS Tracker app (EverTrack) to get a better position info in less time, which offers more battery time and better performance.

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