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Tips to Avoid Accidents on the Road

To be able to prevent or avoid accidents, it is necessary to learn what the top causes of road accidents are. Distracted driving is dangerous. You have to shut out everything that might take your attention off the road. You can read about it at No phones allowed. Speeding is another frequent cause of serious injuries, or worse. Of course, it is not always about going above the speed limit. On a motorway everyone goes fast, but to drive according to the weather is more important. The same goes for tailgating. The faster you drive, the bigger gap you need to keep to be able to suddenly stop without an accident. So, let us see some of our tips for safety on the roads.

1. Eyes on the road

Do not let external factors distract you from driving. If you are hungry or thirsty, make a quick stop. There is no place for multi-tasking if you are the one behind the wheel. Always keep at least one hand on the wheel and focus on the road. Keeping the ten o’clock two o’clock position is the wisest. It ensures the best chances to quickly react to anything. Even if you are driving with one hand, you will lose precious moments which might save you if you were driving with two.

2. Rules and speed limits

Let it be another driver or pedestrians, you are risking a serious accident if you drive above the speed limit. It is simple maths. You can win only a couple minutes by driving faster. Is it worth it? Definitely not. The same goes for other rules on the road. Every traffic sign is there for a reason. Do not ignore any of them. Moreover, be vigilant. Some signs can be hard to notice and you can easily get a ticket.

3. No phones allowed

If you would ask anyone to list the top three must-nots while driving, I am pretty sure smart phones would be on that list. Yet way too many people tend to grab their phone on the road. Send a text, make a call, or just change the music. It is extremely dangerous. Turn on the airplane mode if you cannot resist checking it. However, we listed many useful applications in a previous article, like Waze, Google Assistant, or our EverTrack App. You can find it clicking here

4. Do not tailgate

Even if the traffic is moving very slowly, you need to have two or three seconds of following distance. It is a must to be able to stop, if the driver in front of you suddenly brakes. Sure, in slow traffic it might not be more than a scratch on the front, but it still can cost a lot of money. And I should not even mention the possible outcomes in case of high speed, I think. As for the finances, you put more wear on your brakes and use more gas if you tailgate and keep braking.

5. Aggressive drivers

Ignore them. There are drivers who are especially looking for others who would race them on the motorways. Others tend to cut other drivers off, or keep tailgating. Just ignore them. You do not have to play along. Let them go, as far from you as possible.

6. Stop and look

If a red light turns to green, count to three before leaving your place. You might hear impatient horns, but you can never know whether someone is trying to speed through a yellow or red light from another direction. You better make sure. Also, pull into traffic slowly. Look both directions at least twice, especially when you are driving into a busy intersection.

7. Good driving condition

Rule one, keep eye exams up-to-date. It is especially important to professional drivers. Do not drive if you are tired, or taking medications which cause drowsiness, or dizziness. If you are not sure about your medications’ possible side effects, feel free to ask your doctor. Your reaction time cannot be impaired, because it is dangerous both for you and others.

8. Defensive driving course

Defensive driving can be described as „driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” It trains drivers to overcome any situation, reduce the risk of accidents and stay safe on the road. It surely is useful. Do not try to defend your position in the traffic. Let others go if they want to. If you can, avoid the left lane, stay in the right instead. You will have more „escape routes” and statistically less accidents happen in the right lane.

Do you have a good tip too? Leave a comment. We would love to hear it!

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