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How To Keep Speed in Check and Avoid Tickets

We have already mentioned in our previous article on How to Save On Fuel, that speeding affects fuel costs, gas emissions, and of course the life of the vehicle – because of the wear and tear. Furthermore, it increases the risk of accidents. There is no actual excuse for going above the speed limit, but it can certainly have many different aspects. If we you know those, you can avoid them. For example, the driver does not pay enough attention, is in a hurry and tries to slim down the time of the journey to get to somewhere, or maybe feels stressed out. Speeding is dangerous and expensive in many ways. But it is also preventable. We collected a few advices to avoid receiving speeding tickets.

Our Advice For Drivers

Pay Attention to the Speedometer and Traffic Signs

Always take a quick look down to keep yourself in check. Of course, you always have to focus on the road, but those glances will help you to keep your speed in check. It is not always easy to sense today’s vehicles’ real speed. They are often too „comfortable” and big. If you drive only by instinct, you can quickly find yourself exceeding the speed limit and will not even realise it.
Let us take, when you leave a high speed road, for example a motorway for a lower speed road. You will feel like driving super slow, but you will not be. And it will still be dangerous for pedestrians. Do not rely on the feeling. Do take a glance to that speedometer.

Just as importantly, pay attention to the traffic signs. Even on familiar roads, because they can reduce the speed limit any time, I know this from experience. Many drivers, let them be professionals or individuals complain about getting a speeding ticket, because they thought the road had a higher speed limit. There is a good old legal principle for this: ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is not always hard to miss a speed limit sign, so be observant, make a habit of checking for speed limit signs.

Better safe than sorry

Be aware of the speed limit and pay attention to stay below it, just a little bit. It will not affect your travel time that much, but will make sure not to cross the limit accidentally. The overall time of completing a route is rather determined by the average speed during the whole route. In urban areas you have to slow down, take turns, slow down, again and again. If you drive too fast, your have to brake sharper, which let us be honest, is not too healthy to vehicles.

Take a break

I know people who tend to drive more and more faster – or let us say as it is,  recklessly – when they are upset, or anxious. But you can always control your thoughts, moreover, on the road you must do so. Relax before driving. I am not talking about to take a nap, just take a deep breath and relax. While driving, listen to light music instead of hip-hop or metal. Or just listen to a podcast. You can find some useful apps in our previous post: 10+1 Apps to Make a Driver’s Life Easier.
If you have to drive a lot due to the nature of your work, then drive less in your free time. Use public transport, walk, or get a bicycle.

Our Advice For Fleet Managers

EverTrack Helps You to Monitor Speed

If you are in the office and have got some time to monitor your drivers en route, then do so. It is sad, but true, that not everybody has got such a great work ethic as they act in front of their bosses. It is not that hard to get distracted when someone is without supervision. Some people can be too slow, or too fast. Sure, there are many factors, or excuses. And let me be honest, it is not always the driver. My personal experience is that sometimes a person from the office makes a call and order the man behind the wheel to drive faster, hurry up. That is never a good idea. You should do the opposite. A GPS tracking system helps you to monitor many aspects, speed included. A speeding ticket or an accident will not worth to load or unload in time. You are able to have control over it.

Know the Cost for Speeding

Deterrent examples can be motivating. Calculate how much speeding tickets would cost and let your drivers know. They will think twice before speeding, if they are aware how much they will be paying. Not to mention the possibility of losing their license. Educate them about not only the dangers of speeding, but about the financial costs of it as well. Make sure they understand that breaking regulations is not worth it. Furthermore, there are not only dangers and financial costs. Driving fast even when it is not necessary causes more wear and tear to the company’s vehicles. So it costs you too.

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